Coffee Machine With Telemetry

A coffee machine with telemetry gives the opportunity to view your coffee machines from an offsite location so that you can monitor sales and performance activity at the Jura, Franke or Necta coffee equipment. Further developments from Vianet available now from Caffia Coffee Group gives you IoT (internet-of-things) full data network access to critical trading […]

Self Service Coffee Machine In Flagship London Store

Self Service Coffee Machines

We are delighted to assist the retail shop chain Boots The Chemists with one of the most powerful and modern bean to cup coffee machines available – the Swiss made Franke A1000 series with its elegant touch-screen offering the London public a selection of the highest quality coffee beverages. The Franke A1000 coffee machine London […]

Phone Controlled Coffee Machine

All About Commercial Coffee Machines

Are you looking for a phone controlled coffee machine or want to control your coffee machine from your smartphone? For some years we’ve been installing the Jura Giga range of commercial bean to cup coffee machines in restaurants, workplaces and hotels, many a customer has experienced the ease-of-use and touch button convenience of a quick flat […]

Commercial One Touch Coffee Machines

Everyone has less and less time these days and commercial one touch coffee machines like the Jura Giga X8 bean-to-cup coffee machine model can be a life-saver getting a caffeine fix from your favourite espresso, cappuccino or caffe latte in an easy one touch action, the only issue is the sheer amount of choice available! As […]

Coffee Machine Company

Synchro White 1 2 scaled 1

Caffia Coffee Group is a family-run coffee machine company offering a wide range of professional equipment with installation and barista training for cafes, restaurants, farm shops, office and showrooms. This includes 2 group espresso coffee machines and bean-to-cup coffee systems which mainly come from Franke, Necta or Jura brands. We have put together some guiding […]

About The Necta Kalea Plus Coffee Machine

Kalea Plus Coffee Machine

The Kalea Plus is becoming steadily more popular as a heavy duty and reliable bean-to-cup coffee machine with fresh milk and the advantage of Necta’s touch screen selection technology. Offering the entire range of espresso, mocha, caffe latte, cappuccino, americano, and hot chocolate drinks, this coffee machine is comfortable with a throughput of 200 plus […]

About The Necta Krea Touch Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine For Car Dealership

The Necta Krea Touch is an Italian touch-button bean-to-cup coffee machine that uses fresh coffee beans and skimmed milk powder and powdered hot chocolate. This table-top size coffee machine automatically makes caffe latte, cappuccino, espresso, americano, hot chocolate, mocha, and hot water for tea with a fully updated 16g coffee brewer (the Z4000) to cope […]

About The Necta Koro Prime Coffee Machine

Dundee Mini 1 e1629451230401

Made by Italian manufacturer Necta, whose parentage includes companies like Wittenborg coffee vending machines as part of Evoca Group, the Koro Prime is a mid-sized touch button bean-to-cup coffee machine. Using fresh coffee beans and two powdered vending ingredients – skimmed milk powder and powdered hot chocolate – the Necta Koro Prime coffee machine automatically […]

About The Gaggia La Radiosa Coffee Machine

Office Coffee Machines

A popular coffee equipment option, this muscular Italian bean-to-cup automatic coffee machine uses roasted coffee beans, fresh milk, and hot chocolate mix powder to produce superb speciality coffees. If you need up to 250 cups per day of flat white, mocha, caffe latte, espresso, cappuccino and americano made to a high standard consistently you will […]

Coffee Machines For Sites With Limited Space


Do you need a new coffee machine but have only limited space? Struggling because of low kitchen wall cupboards or difficulties and costs around installing a 3-phase electricity supply? At Caffia Coffee Group we have a range of compact espresso coffee machines that only need minimal space and low power needs and even some capable […]

About The Esprezzi Ultra Espresso Coffee Machine

Coffee Machines London

Embodying both high quality solid-state heating to save energy, smart looks that blend with almost any environs, and exceptional price to performance ratio, this is a top selling espresso machine. Commercial espresso coffee machines of the traditional Italian style are in fact a fancy hot water and steam system, the finely-ground espresso coffee is only […]

About The Jura JX8 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Jura JX8 Coffee Machine

Stylish and elegant Swiss design with extraordinary energy efficiency mark the Jura JX8, a popular push-button coffee machine that uses coffee beans and fresh milk to produce espresso, caffe latte, and cappuccino to a high standard. Compact dimensions and a generous 5 litre water tank mean the Jura JX8 coffee machine can be used in […]

About The Caffia CX-2 Filter Coffee Brewer

Filter Coffee Brewer

An old favourite, this professional quality stainless steel filter coffee brewer has a hand fill water tank and 2 hot plates for glass 1.7 litre jugs. There is very little in the way of moving parts, valves, or pumps in filter coffee brewers so this means little can go wrong and they are reliable and […]

About The Synchro Espresso Coffee Machine

Synchro Coffee Machine

The classic Italian design flair in the looks of commercial espresso coffee machines from the Royal Synchro stable remains timeless, eye catching, and suitable for any décor and environment. Synchro espresso coffee machines come in several formats and colours from racing red to pure white or metallic black coloured classy back and side panels which […]

Best Office Coffee Machines Post Lockdown

Office Coffee Machines

The Workplace Scene In 2022 Lockdowns and working from home now seem to be becoming history – a slowly receding memory that did have some compensations: more family time, and fewer emissions as we realised that Zoom can reduce travel and increase efficiency! However, we’ve yearned for some normality. Being able to get a colleague’s […]

Coffee Machines – Rental vs Lease vs Purchase

Traditional Coffee Machines

Customers often ask us “what’s the key differences between leasing, renting, or purchasing a commercial coffee machine?”, and specifically “will I get more support if I lease a coffee machine?” The answer to the last question is ‘no’ but to unfold that response, we will compare the 3 most common methods of acquiring a commercial […]

Coffee Machines For Car Dealerships And Showrooms

Coffee Machine For Car Dealership

Our broad range of coffee machines for car dealerships and car showrooms covers all the popular trends in commercial coffee machines for this sector – are you a premium marque of cars or motorbike dealership showrooms needing a coffee machine or a more volume manufacturer of family-friendly cars? We can help you with impartial and friendly […]

Coffee Machines For Farm Shops & Garden Centres

Looking to set up a Coffee Shop or Restaurant at your Farm Shop? We specialise in supply of commercial coffee machines, prime coffee beans and barista training to coffee shops in Farm Shops and Garden Centres all over the UK. Caffia Coffee Group is a friendly, trustworthy and laid-back family-run business with a great range […]

Touchless Coffee Machine

Touch Screen Coffee Machine

Our class leading range of touchless coffee machines are smart and easy to operate via an app on your phone and assist in minimising the spread of infection. They are great fun to use as well with the machine remembering your own bespoke coffee menu in some cases! The coffee selection screen of a coffee […]

Instant Coffee Machines

Instant Coffee Machines

Slimline and powerful instant coffee machines like the Matrix Mini Magnum dispenser using freeze-dried instant coffee, cappuccino topping milk powder and hot chocolate drink mix powder can make a range of drinks like cappuccino, caffe latte, black coffee, espresso and hot chocolate plus a handy hot water button for tea and soup. Customers can audit […]

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