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CAFFIA Classics - House Blend Coffee Collection

As experienced coffee suppliers in the UK, we at Caffia Coffee Group are known for our high-quality coffee offerings. Our product range includes a unique collection of House Blend coffee beans. 

These Caffia Classics include blends that have been expertly roasted to maintain freshness and help you create the perfect cup of coffee. Our luxury, Italian-inspired range also includes a variety of flavour profiles to satisfy all coffee lovers. 

Experience coffee the Caffia way with Caffia Classics — our locally roasted House Blend collection. Order online now for convenient UK-wide delivery.

Request Wholesale Prices

View the full collection below, and set up an account via our straight-forward sign-up process to buy online. If you’re looking for a wholesale coffee supplier in the UK, contact us for wholesale rates on higher volumes.

Caffia supplies commercial coffee beans in bulk to workplaces & businesses across the UK

Our House Blend Coffee Range

Enjoy the luxurious taste of high-quality coffee such as Crema, Supremo, Java and Royale. Loved for over 30 years and produced with the utmost care and attention to detail, these roasts offer a truly unique coffee experience. Our range provides an authentic Italian style coffee that goes perfectly as an espresso.

Unlike other House Blend ground coffee ranges, our Caffia Classics are available as whole beans. This not only ensures maximum freshness but also allows you to create the perfect grind to suit your customers’ preferences.

Here’s what you can expect from our range of House Blend coffees.


Our Crema, this is our most popular coffee and this selection features a combination of mediumly-roasted beans from India and Africa. This breakfast roast produces a mellow, balanced cup of coffee with an authentic Southern Italian taste. Combined with soft notes of butter and chocolate, these Italian-style coffee beans are ideal for milk-based drinks like cappuccinos and flat whites.


These medium-dark roast coffee beans boast diverse origins from Brazil, Ethiopia, Vietnam and Latin America. Our Royale beans are ideal for espressos and deliver creamy, full-bodied coffee. This darker blend also has a typical Northern Italian taste profile with notes of chocolate and a slightly nutty finish.


This unique Arabica blend contains medium-roast coffee beans from Brazil, Kenya, India and Latin America. It boasts a rich liquorice flavour with a decadent caramel body. This sweetness is complemented by an enchanting aroma, making for a delicious and balanced cup of coffee.


With a combination of Ethiopian and Indian origins, our Fino selection contains sun-dried coffee beans. These produce a mild brew with a complex flavour profile and characteristic sweetness. This medium-light roast is also notably creamy and boasts a smooth ‘velvet swallow’ alongside luxurious notes of chocolate.

Decaffeinated Colombian

This medium-light roast coffee is 100% Arabica and contains single-origin beans from Colombia. These decaffeinated coffee beans produce a delicious cup of coffee that contains all the taste of a regular brew without the high caffeine content. This is ideal for catering to a more diverse range of staff and customers.

Explore our online range and experience the unique taste and freshness of our roast coffees. Buy coffee beans in Glasgow or elsewhere in the UK and enjoy UK-wide delivery with Caffia. 

Coffee Roasts – FAQs

When it comes to buying coffee, it’s essential to be as informed as possible. This will help you choose the best coffee blends or single-origins for your needs.

We’ve answered some frequently asked questions about coffee roasts. Read our answers below for some extra insight.

What’s the difference between single-origin and blended coffee?

Single-origin coffees are made using beans that can be traced to a specific region. These coffees often boast distinct taste characteristics that are influenced by their region of origin.

An example of a single-origin roast is our decaf coffee from Colombia.

A coffee blend is created by blending beans from multiple different regions. This is usually done to produce a more well-rounded and balanced flavour profile.

How is coffee roasted?

You’ve probably heard the term “roast coffee” — but what exactly does this mean? All coffee starts out as green beans that are harvested from coffee plants. In order to release their flavour and aroma, these beans are roasted at high temperatures.

The specific roasting length and temperature determine whether a light, medium or dark roast is produced. Lightly-roasted beans are heated for the shortest amount of time and at the lowest temperature.

What’s the best way to brew my coffee?

There’s nothing better than the aroma and taste of that first sip of fresh coffee in the morning. However, the way in which your coffee is brewed can influence its flavour profile. Unlike a store-bought grind, freshly ground coffee provides more intense flavour for a truly indulgent cup.

Bean-to-cup machines are an efficient and convenient way to brew whole-bean coffee. Please note, it’s important to use both a good-quality roast and a reliable machine to ensure your coffee is brewed to perfection each time.

Need help choosing the ideal option from our House Blend coffee collection? Contact our team of coffee experts for information and advice.   

Caffia: Trusted Commercial Coffee Suppliers in the UK

With over two decades of experience in the coffee industry, Caffia is an established coffee bean supplier. You can order our freshly ground or whole coffee beans in Liverpool, Edinburgh or anywhere else in the UK.

We proudly offer 8 varieties of coffee to cater to all taste preferences. Our diverse product range also includes the following.

Buy Wholesale Coffee in the UK

Depending on your needs, we offer both retail and bulk-buy coffee beans. Available at discounted rates, our wholesale coffee offerings are ideal for coffee shops, cafes, offices, showrooms and more.

Buying coffee in wholesale quantities is a great way to save money over the long term. It also ensures you can keep up with high-volume demands in busy commercial environments.

Sustainable Coffee Offerings

At Caffia, we are passionate about sustainability. We stock numerous coffee roasts with Soil Association, Fairtrade International and Rainforest Alliance certifications. These organisations work to protect both coffee farmers and the environment from unethical practices.

We roast our coffees at an eco-conscious roastery in the UK. Here, we have a catalytic converter that captures over 92% of the carbon emissions produced during the roasting process.

Combined with our recyclable packaging and carbon-neutral deliveries, this helps reduce our carbon footprint for a sustainable future.

Visit Our Showrooms

As established UK coffee suppliers, we have London and Falkirk-based showrooms. You’re welcome to stop by and view our coffee machines in-person, try out different roast varieties, and receive a free consultation from our coffee experts.

For more information, contact us at 0203 096 7233 (London, England) or 0132 461 7618 (Falkirk, Scotland).

Enhance your coffee experience with our freshly-roasted House Blend coffee range. Buy online now or request a free sample.

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Our Roastery

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Our roastery invested in a Catalytic convertor that captures 92% of carbon during the roasting process. The heat produced by the roasting process is also captured and recycled back into the next batch and is powered by renewable energy.

Our Roastery

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Our roastery invested in a Catalytic convertor that captures 92% of carbon during the roasting process. The heat produced by the roasting process is also captured and recycled back into the next batch and is powered by renewable energy.

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