We offer a range of cutting-edge bulk brewer coffee machine units for large scale preparation of fresh filter coffee in offices, hotels, universities, hospitals and conference centres. We offer machines from Bravilor, Marco and Coffee Queen which can have heated urns or large thermos flasks to offer satellite capability.

The Marco MaxiBrew Twin Bulk-Brewer is one example of a heavy-duty coffee machine with 2 coffee holding tanks and dispense taps and a hot water tap for large quantities of hot water for teas. This filter coffee machine can run 2 full brews of 12 litres each and hence serve up to 520 cups per hour; the MaxiBrew is an attractive and smartly designed bulk brewer machine for front-of-house locations, many other bulk brewers could be described as quite industrial!

Bulk Brewer Coffee Machine Bulk Brewer Coffee Machine

Ideal for self-service operation, the Marco MaxiBrew is a reliable bulk brewer coffee machine built of stainless steel and plumbed in to the mains water supply with a water filter. There is little to go wrong with this type of catering coffee machine and it is ideal for preparation of large amounts of coffee for weddings, conferences and hotel banqueting.

Includes a full brew and half brew feature for preparing smaller batches of fresh filter coffee.

Filter coffee brewers provide a reliable, low-cost and easy way to prepare clean-tasting milk and fresh filter coffee for breakfast, meetings and conferences. They will never go out of fashion as they are simply too useful!

We also offer a range of filter ground coffees for filter coffee machines and bulk brewer coffee machine models – ask us for samples from a range which includes Rainforest Alliance certified coffees.

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