The Workplace Scene In 2022

Lockdowns and working from home now seem to be becoming history – a slowly receding memory that did have some compensations: more family time, and fewer emissions as we realised that Zoom can reduce travel and increase efficiency!

However, we’ve yearned for some normality. Being able to get a colleague’s ear, huddle quickly and get answers, and get the whole show on the road again.

Some firms have suffered considerable sales drops while others can hardly cope with the orders and struggle to source enough staff.  With well-aired supply chain disruptions, truck driver shortages, and Brexit, it seems like home comforts in the workplace would be just what the doctor ordered.

What Are The Latest Office Coffee Machines?

It is some time now since the coffee shop revolution hit these tea-drinking shores and coffee quality expectations have skyrocketed.  The best office coffee machines out there reflect the way this ‘quality coffee in the workplace’ demand has gone through the roof.

Office Coffee Machines

From car showrooms to boardrooms, reception areas, staff kitchens, and canteens, there is an ever-evolving range of coffee machines that span £1,850 to £13,000 plus in value.

Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machines

Think barista-gone-automatic and you have it in one.

Automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines for offices are rugged, commercially built coffee machines that consistently deliver a flat white, caffe latte, espresso, doppio, or cappuccino at the touch of a button.

Everything bar milking the cow and roasting the coffee beans is done in about 25 seconds.


Think you would prefer to have just black coffee (ok, ok, americano if you will!) and espresso so that you can add your own milk? That’s not a bad idea for simplicity and for that the Jura JX6 coffee machine is just perfect.

As we said, all our coffee machines are professional kits and more robustly built than equipment for home domestic use. While a DeLonghi or Saeco coffee machine is great for the house kitchen, ours come with commercial on-site warranties, are made for higher throughputs, often are plumbed-in with a water softener filter, and full staff training in operation and cleaning procedures.

Office Coffee Machines

Among the most popular are office coffee machines that also integrate fresh milk. This is normal semi-skimmed fresh milk that is drawn into a milk frother where it is heated, foamed, textured, and then measured out into your caffe latte.

Take the Jura Giga X3 as an example of this. Built in Switzerland, these coffee machines are ideal for around 150 cups per day and, as well as making superb speciality coffees with fresh milk, it has been made to be easy to clean and has a 2-year part and labour warranty.

The Gaggia La Radiosa coffee machine is an increasingly popular choice by office and HR managers looking to provide high-quality, speciality coffees within offices. With a large touch selection screen, Italian aesthetics flair and integrated hot chocolate made with fresh milk, the La Radiosa offers a great value for money option.

Office Coffee Machines

Perhaps you are wondering:

What do these self-service coffee machines really look like?  What is it like if viewed from behind?  Are they noisy?  Surely the coffee beans smell great?  Will they work well with the boss’s favourite coffee beans?  Is there a way to customise the selection screen?  How much will replacement water softener filters cost? 

An ideal way to answer these understandable questions – after all, we are talking about thousands of pounds worth of equipment – is to visit one of our showrooms. Based in central Scotland, ideally situated halfway between Edinburgh and Glasgow and in Clerkenwell, central London, these showrooms give a great opportunity to get hands-on with the equipment.

Office Coffee Machines Rental London

See, try, and discuss your way to a great deal! Watch our touchless coffee machines Jura J.O.E App in operation – as in the video below – where you can order your own, personalised, bespoke coffee from your smartphone without even touching the machine!

Infection reduction, heady aromas, delicious drink quality, and morale booster all rolled into one and it is a unique recipe for coffee parameters JUST FOR YOU.


Options That Can Help You Post Lockdown

Coffee Machine Lease Rental

The Bank of England interest rates are tending to go up right now, and the capital outlay can be forbidding.  This is why coffee machines on lease deals over 3 years or 5 years can make a lot of sense and we offer this finance for coffee machine rental to a lot of clients.

Filter Coffee For Meetings

Filter coffee machines still have a role to play in offices, especially where you are in meetings and boardrooms for many hours on training courses. This is because the coffee produced from filter coffee sachets and our brewers has a thinner body than bean-to-cup coffee without the concentration of an espresso type of brew.

Filter coffee machines

Known in the States as ‘drip coffee’, this pleasant and mild brew is still delicious and much better in taste than instant coffee but is more tolerable for all-day drinking.  We have both glass jug and vacuum flask types of filter brewers and 8 different types of filter coffee sachets including Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified options.

How Can Management And HR Pros Offer Assurance?

With the world upside down, assurance is just one thing that management can offer to calm employees nerves.  There have been kids who have done a year of education outside school, and parents who have done the yo-yo of home and office working – now we all must settle down as best we can and get productive!

Certainly, one way to raise morale is to install an up-to-date office coffee machine. Other simple suggestions might be to refresh your office layout, consider investing in new chairs and furniture, put in acoustic meeting pods or redecorate the place.

Quick And Easy Online Ordering

Having invested in our e-commerce website, we are a good choice for online ordering of coffee beans, tea bags, filter coffee sachets, sugars, biscuits, and coffee syrups.  We also dispatch all over the UK with next working day delivery.

A Family Run Business

Dealing with Caffia involves communicating with a small family firm that has experience and expertise, and really appreciate your orders. It is a lively company that looks after and supports its customers.

Please do contact us on 01324 617618 or email and we will be pleased to help you further.

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