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About The Necta Krea Touch Coffee Machine

The Necta Krea Touch is an Italian touch-button bean-to-cup coffee machine that uses fresh coffee beans and skimmed milk powder and powdered hot chocolate.

This table-top size coffee machine automatically makes caffe latte, cappuccino, espresso, americano, hot chocolate, mocha, and hot water for tea with a fully updated 16g coffee brewer (the Z4000) to cope with making full 12oz drinks in mugs.

Necta Krea Touch Coffee Machine

Well proven and reliable bean-to-cup coffee brewing technology mean that the stable of Necta coffee machines are great options for car showrooms and offices for those needing a table top coffee machine.

Using powdered pure skimmed milk to make cappuccino and caffe latte drinks does mean that this coffee machine makes a much superior drink to the coffee vending machines of the 1990’s.

The drink quality is not quite up to coffee shop standard as might be achieved with a fresh milk bean-to-cup machine like the Necta Kalea Plus coffee machine shown here:

Necta Kalea Plus Coffee Machine

The trade off is that the Krea Touch coffee machine is a little easier and quicker to clean which can be a bonus with harassed staff and perhaps having some still working from home.

A fresh milk coffee machine, good as they are for drink quality, simply will not tolerate and lack of cleaning whereas with the Krea you will get more drinks vended before you must clean it.

To dive deeper in to the pros and cons of fresh milk or powdered milk coffee machines, please see our in-depth blog on this subject here.

Who Uses The Necta Krea Plus Coffee Machine?

Offices and car showrooms are the normal venue for this coffee machine where the consistent drink quality, low drink cost, fast vend, and reasonable prices to both purchase or on a 3 year coffee machine lease rental deal are all key factors.

Necta Krea Touch Coffee MachineWho Doesn’t Use This Coffee Machine?

Some hotels have used this type of machine due to the easy self-service use with a digital touch selection screen but generally you won’t see them much in restaurants, bars, coffee shops or public houses. Cafes generally sell coffees, and are more suited to the Franke A600 coffee machine or commercial espresso coffee machines with a separate coffee beans grinder.

Video And WhatsApp Demonstrations

We are happy to arrange demonstrations of this equipment at our Falkirk or central London showroom or over WhatsApp video call or on a Teams virtual meeting.

This video takes you on a quick tour of the machine and how to clean it:


Full staff training is provided when your coffee machine is installed so that it becomes easier to stock and clean the machine or change the whipping bowls and seals.

Installation Requirements

You only require a simple 3-pin socket for power to this coffee machine and a 3/4″ BSP stop-cock mains potable water supply for plumbing in to.

Necta Krea Touch Coffee Machine

Water Filtration Requirements

Where the coffee machine is plumbed in it needs an appropriate water filter for soft water (in Cumbria, Scotland and Devon or Cornwall) where we would supply a granular activated carbon water filter or else a softener water filter for the London, the south east, midlands and Yorkshire areas where the water has more limescale in it.

Which Coffee & Ingredients Do I Need?

We supply a range of eight different roasted espresso coffee beans, and any can be used in the Necta Krea Touch although Caffia Espresso Crema coffee beans is far and away the most popular!

Necta Koro Prime Coffee Machine  Necta Koro Coffee Machine

You can’t buy a coffee like our Espresso Crema beans at ASDA or cash and carry, it’s the coffee blending know-how and understanding that makes the truly Northern Italian taste!

For the specialist 100% pure skimmed milk powder Mook please click here.

For super-luxury premium hot chocolate drink mix powder please click here.



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