The Kalea Plus is becoming steadily more popular as a heavy duty and reliable bean-to-cup coffee machine with fresh milk and the advantage of Necta’s touch screen selection technology.

Offering the entire range of espresso, mocha, caffe latte, cappuccino, americano, and hot chocolate drinks, this coffee machine is comfortable with a throughput of 200 plus cups per day and can have a cup warmer and large fresh milk fridge.

This means the machine combines the best of rugged table-top catering coffee machine and vending coffee machine characteristics with high capacity Z4000 coffee brewer to cope easily with a 12oz/300ml americano yet quick, easy, and elegant touch screen drink selection.

Necta Kalea Plus Coffee Machine

Who Uses The Kalea Plus?

The Necta Kalea Plus coffee machine is great for BOTH offices or workplaces AND as a self-service or staff service catering bean to cup coffee machine.

The robust build quality and large dump bin and drip tray, option of fresh-ground-from-coffee-beans full spectrum of drinks in decaffeinated means it is equally at home in an office reception, car showroom, or canteen servery!

Who Wouldn’t Use The Kalea Plus?

Commercial espresso coffee machines and digital on-demand coffee grinders are more the choice for say an artisan coffee bar that wishes to convey the hand-crafted speciality coffee message and image.

We offer an array of this kind of professional coffee equipment which we install with full barista training.

Necta Kalea Plus Coffee Machine

Installation Requirements

You need two 3-pin electrical sockets, one for the machine and one for the milk chiller and a ¾” BSP stop-cock from a mains potable water supply to plumb in the machine.

Water Filtration Requirements

As with all out plumbed in coffee machines, we supply a granular activated carbon water filter if the equipment is in an area with naturally soft water or a CTU calcium treatment unit and filter when in areas like London with hard water.

Necta Kalea Plus Coffee Machine Drip Tray

Which Coffee Beans Do I Need?

Our espresso roast coffee beans span 8 different taste styles with both single-origins and blends and different combinations of Arabica and Robusta type coffee beans.

Any of our coffee beans can be used with this machine although perhaps the best options would be Crema, Royale, or Trios beans. The Kalea Plus normally also has a second decaffeinated coffee beans hopper and grinder option.

Please also see our vending ingredients supplies for a premium hot chocolate powder mix.

How To Clean This Coffee Machine Video

In this handy video you can tour the Kalea Plus and see how easy it is to clean:


Where Can I See This Coffee Machine In Action?

We can easily arrange a WhatsApp call or host you at our central London showroom in Clerkenwell – see below – or in Falkirk where we can of course let you try out all the coffees and drinks for yourself.

London Coffee Machines Showroom

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