Stylish and elegant Swiss design with extraordinary energy efficiency mark the Jura JX8, a popular push-button coffee machine that uses coffee beans and fresh milk to produce espresso, caffe latte, and cappuccino to a high standard.

Compact dimensions and a generous 5 litre water tank mean the Jura JX8 coffee machine can be used in a wide range of sites needing to serve up to 80 cups per day. Made in Switzerland by one of the world’s most successful coffee machine brands, this type of machine has a low price per cup and also eco-friendly without coffee capsule waste in the equation.

Jura JX8 Coffee Machine

Who Uses The Jura JX8 Coffee Machine?

Ideal for offices and workplaces as well as bars and small restaurants, the Jura JX8 offers the advantage of automation and consistency of quality speciality coffees in lower volume outlets.

Not much bigger than a domestic coffee machine, but with a commercial warranty and build quality, good flexibility, and a good price mean that there are few types of outlet for which this is not an option at least.

Who Doesn’t Use The Jura JX8 Coffee Machine?

A hip coffee bar or high-class restaurant will likely wish to convey a ‘hand-crafted-coffee’ message rather than the robotic automation of a Jura.

This means commercial espresso coffee machines and digital on-demand grinders are more their choice. We offer an array of this equipment which we install with barista training and water filters.

Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines

Variations On This Model

A higher-capacity model is the Jura JX10 which shares similar features and there is a full range of Jura bean-to-cup coffee machines in the Giga range that are for higher throughput and can be plumbed to mains water. You can see the Jura JX8 in our London showroom.

Installation Requirements

This is a hand-fill coffee machine with a 5 litre water tank that simply needs one 3-pin power socket and adequate space. The water tank fills from the side with cold water but it is generally better to lift the tank off and hold under the tap to fill (there is a non-return valve).

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Water Filtration Requirements

This coffee machine is not plumbed to mains water. It uses a Claris Pro water filter in the water tank to ensure decaled and purified water enters the machine, this filter communicates with the machine’s electronics so a replacement warning will come up on the LCD display when needed.

Which Coffee Do I Need?

We stock a range of carefully developed espresso roast coffee beans that spans 8 different types.

They are as different as sweet white wine is from dry red wine and cover all main taste characteristics of coffees ensuring you won’t get bored with a certain taste! The range also includes organic, Fairtrade, and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees.

Coffee Beans

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