A popular coffee equipment option, this muscular Italian bean-to-cup automatic coffee machine uses roasted coffee beans, fresh milk, and hot chocolate mix powder to produce superb speciality coffees.

If you need up to 250 cups per day of flat white, mocha, caffe latte, espresso, cappuccino and americano made to a high standard consistently you will find the Gaggia La Radiosa coffee machine ideal.

Gaggia Radiosa Coffee Machines

Configured with 2 coffee beans hoppers and coffee grinders, this machine can offer the full spectrum of coffee drinks ground specifically from decaffeinated coffee beans as well as superb hot chocolate made with fresh milk.

Who Uses This Coffee Machine?

Suitable for any hospitality outlet like coffee shops, restaurants, or hotels and also as office coffee machines where the easy selection via the touch screen self service is a great benefit in the workplace.

Gaggia La Radiosa Coffee Machine

Who Doesn’t Use This Coffee Machine?

For smaller workplaces or offices a lower cost coffee machine is likely more appropriate.

Video And Demonstrations

We are happy to arrange demonstrations of this coffee machine at our Falkirk or central London showrooms or over WhatsApp call.

Staff Training

We offer full staff training when a coffee machine is installed so that it becomes easier and faster to stock and clean the machine or change the hot chocolate whipper bowl and seals.

Installation Requirements

This coffee machine is plumbed in to a piped mains water supply and you require only a simple 3-pin socket for power to the machine.

Gaggia La Radiosa Coffee Machines

Water Filters

When a coffee machine is plumbed-in it needs an appropriate water filter. In Cumbria, Scotland and Devon or Cornwall areas where the water is soft, we supply a GAC (granular activated carbon) water filter that guards against particles like rust or peat, off tastes and odours.

Have a look at this handy UK water map from Brita to get a better idea of water hardness:

Water Hardness UK By Area Map

In London, Essex and the South East, the Midlands, and Yorkshire or Manchester areas where the water is hard and has more limescale/chalk in it, we supply a softener water filter that does everything that a GAC carbon filter does plus ion-exchange resin that takes the troublesome hardness out of the water.

What Coffee Beans Do I Need?

We supply a range of coffee beans that can be used in the Gaggia La Radiosa coffee machine although the Caffia Espresso Crema coffee beans is far and away the most popular!

You can’t buy coffee beans like our Espresso Crema coffee beans at a cash and carry, it’s the coffee blending know-how that makes a truly Italian style of smooth yet deep coffee taste. For our super-luxury premium hot chocolate drink mix powder please click here.

Coffee Beans

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