About The Caffia CX-2 Filter Coffee Brewer

An old favourite, this professional quality stainless steel filter coffee brewer has a hand fill water tank and 2 hot plates for glass 1.7 litre jugs.

There is very little in the way of moving parts, valves, or pumps in filter coffee brewers so this means little can go wrong and they are reliable and simple.

The coffee produced is notable for its drinkability as it has a thinner body than is typical from bean-to-cup or espresso machines and is very pleasant and enjoyable. In the States this is called drip coffee and here it is generally called filter coffee.

Who Uses The Caffia CX-2 Coffee Machine?

The low price and high reliability machine plus the pleasant taste sensation of filter coffee makes the Caffia CX-2 filter coffee machine perfect for:

– Business meetings and boardroom coffees.
– Hotel breakfast or conferencing coffee – you don’t want coffee to be very strong.

In both cases the coffee is not so strong that you can’t enjoy 2 cups and if it is a marathon all-day meeting you may need this! Also, it is a quiet coffee machine with 5 minutes of quiet bubbling while brewing and then almost silence instead of the noise of a coffee machine grinding coffee beans that is less than ideal in a boardroom setting.

The aroma of fresh coffee is always fantastic and filter coffee is no exception to this rule.

Who Doesn’t Use The CX-2?

An office or coffee shop looking for cappuccino, espresso, and caffe latte, in a word speciality coffee, won’t get these drinks from a filter coffee brewer.

For these you need traditional coffee machines or automatic coffee equipment with coffee grinders and milk frothers.

Variations Of This Model Coffee Machine:

Along with the glass jug type of filter coffee brewer we supply coffee brewers that fill directly into a vacuum flask or pump airpot. These filter coffee machines brew at the same speed as the CX-2 and are taller plus offer the advantages of:

– Having no hot plates that could cause burns.
– Keeping coffee fresher in a thermos flask without a hot plate to make it stew.
– Saving time and decanting from glass jug by brewing straight into a flask.

Additionally, there are filter coffee systems known as bulk brewers which work on a similar principle to the CX-2 but are faster, larger, and higher powered for preparing big batches of filter coffee like 10, 20 or more litres at a time.

Filter Coffee Brewers

Bulk brewers from Caffia Coffee Group often require a 3-phase power supply and are used in large hotels, conference centres, and motorway services.

Installation Requirements

This is a hand-fill coffee machine that simply needs one 3-pin power socket and adequate space. The water tank fills from the front with cold water.

Water Filtration Requirements

Because this machine is not plumbed to mains water you don’t need a water filter; in some hard water areas like the South East, you will need to descale the machine from time to time.

Double Jug Coffee Machine

Which Coffee Do I Need?

The Caffia CX-2 filter coffee machine needs 50g filter coffee sachets and a coffee filter paper for each brew; we have a range of 8 types of filter coffees that are packed in 45 pre-portioned sachets per box with 50 filter papers as well.



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