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Franke sb1200

Premium Milk Foam

From silky smooth to frothy foam, Franke’s unique FoamMaster technology
prepares a vast range of customised milk options for your favourite coffee
beverage. Consistently delicious, cup after cup, with Franke, you ensure
ultimate satisfaction.

dual milk

Alternative Milk Option

Two fully separate milk systems ensure that vegans and those with dairy
allergies can still enjoy a deliciousalternative-milk-basedd beverage, 100%
free of cross-contamination.


Effortless Ordering

Order and customise your favourite drink with ease via the 12.1-inch
interactive touch screen. With realistic images, as well as a step-by-step
process, the experience is both effortless and great fun.


Hassle-Free Cleaning

Equipped with Franke’s CleanMaster system, maintenance of the
SB1200 couldn’t be easier. All components are cleaned automatically
without the need for disassembly and reassembly.

flavour station

Optional Flavour Station

For increased variety, add an integrated flavour station to your
Franke SB1200. Equipped to hold up to six different flavours, this
function allows users to automatically add a dose of syrup to their
drink with zero mess.

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