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Real Cold Brew at the touch of a button

With Cold Brew coffee being the new favourite for many, Jura has introduced the Cold Extraction Process. The GIGA W10 can prepare an iced latte in no time at all at the simple touch of a button. While many conventional cold coffee drinks consist mainly of hot-brewed coffee, which is then chilled, extraction in the GIGA W10 takes place with cold water, pulsed at high pressure using the espresso method. .


Unlimited choice of speciality coffees

With 35 speciality coffees, the GIGA W10 offers drinks for every type of coffee drinker. You can also adjust your GIGA W10 to suit the personal tastes of your customers, guests or employees. This machine also allows you to add an extra shot of intensely flavoured coffee? The range of beverages is doubled by the revolutionary Cold Extraction Process, which gives you the option of preparing any speciality as a Cold Brew version. And finally, the new water bypass enables you to create long barista specialities, either hot- or cold-brewed.

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Two ceramic disc grinders, two bean containers

Two ceramic disc grinders, two bean containers For maximum professionalism, the GIGA W10 features two high-performance grinders with grinding discs made of a long-lasting, high-quality ceramic material. Each of the connected bean containers holds 650 grams. This configuration allows the ideal type of coffee to be selected for every cup. For example, you could choose a classic, more intense roast for a hot brew and an on-trend fruity bean for a Cold Brew. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that in line with JURA's motto it will always be freshly ground, not capsuled.

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Cashless payment and convenient central management

The GIGA W10 features the new payment and management system Pocket Pilot 2.0. Pocket Pilot 2.0 allows cashless payment and central machine monitoring without additional infrastructure. This is made possible by Payment Connect, which is easy to install in the GIGA W10. This web-based system is free and requires no software to be installed. Once you have created an account for JURA Pocket Pilot 2.0, you have access to a comprehensive, user-friendly management system.

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