Caffia Coffee Group offer a range of 3 group espresso coffee machines including the Esprezzi Ultra series and La Cimbali and Royal Synchro coffee machines; we also offer commercial coffee machines to lease with a simple 3 year lease rental deal available to help conserve your capital. Why not ask for a quote or about our friendly and relaxed barista training and wide range of espresso coffee beans?

The Synchro 3 group machine is a beautiful Italian-made 3 group espresso coffee machine, it is available in a variety of colours like metallic red, black, and white with a 21 litre boiler and single-phase power. The Synchro 3 group coffee machine has a digital pre-infusion function for improved espresso extraction, 2 steam arms and 1 hot water outlet which has the advantage of button controlled dispense.

3 Group Coffee Machines

A top-of-the-range traditional coffee machine with the option of an individual boiler per group head, the Synchro can have precise PID temperature control for a whole new era of espresso brewing. The Synchro is a visually stunning machine which also offers substantial cup warming surface and a easy to work by several people.

Which type of outlets need a 3 group espresso machine?

Well there are arguments in favour of the hulking presence factor that goes with any 3 group espresso machine – it certainly shouts ‘we do speciality coffees’! In general though a 3 group is used in busy coffee shops, garden centres and outlets which expect large ‘burst’ of volume and trade.

The benefit of a 3 group coffee machine is seen in that a well-trained barista can pull up to 6 coffees more or less at one time, they more than pay for themselves in no time in the right site or restaurant.

We also offer premium Macap and Mazzer coffee bean grinders, barista accessories and training and a range of 8 premium Caffia espresso coffee beans.

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